Why you need a Landscape Architect for your Sydney property

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Why you need a Landscape Architect for your Sydney property

One of the best ways to add value to a home is to have an outdoor living space designed. And a landscape architect is the best professional that can design and extend your living space as well.

Eloquent Landscape architects in Sydney is capable of designing outdoor kitchens, arbours, fountains, patios, fireplaces/fire pits, and installed seating. Implementing these features to your outdoor space is not only environmentally friendly, but it also provides an inviting ambiance for you, your family, and guests.

Reasons for Hiring a Landscape Architect

Hiring a landscape architect gains your outdoor space multiple benefits, to include:

Create an outdoor design you will love

An outdoor design you love is an instant mood booster. Hiring a landscape architect will not only boost up your outdoor area but also do a design that complies with codes and regulations. A lovely outdoor space becomes a special place to be enjoyed by you, your family and guests over the years.

Systematic plan

Landscape architects are trained to assess the problem and possibility areas of your property. This makes them come up with a systematic plan in choosing the best textures, colours, materials, and styles for your outdoor space. They will guide and help you select the perfect design for your outdoor area and handle all the details of preparation and construction.

Provide you a low-maintenance garden

A landscape architect can provide you a low-maintenance garden as per taste and preference. This means using plants that require less watering and fertilizing. This type of garden can be friendly to insects such as butterflies and bumblebees as well.

Good placement of trees

Trees and shrubs strategically placed in the garden can help lower energy bills. An experienced and professional landscape architect will be able to know the exact locations to place the shrubs and trees to reduce your cooling and heating costs.

Incorporate natural swimming pools

Aquamarine-coloured pools are not the trendy style of today. The trend is with low maintenance and chemical-free natural-looking pools. This makes the all-natural pool a must-have for any large backspace. You can work on having this wonderful feature to your outdoor space with your chosen landscape architect.

Add permeable paving

Sidewalks and patios become lovely to look at when permeable paving is used. Other than that, the paving encourages groundwater recharging as well as reduce runoff. This offers an instant solution for driveways prone to flooding.

Expert design and construction from start to finish

A reliable and professional landscape architect will stay with your project from start to finish. He/she will be working closely with you to ensure that everything you want to be included will be part of the project as long as it is possible. This means that the landscape architect will recommend designs that meet your expectations and follow through after the project is finished.

Creatively design a rain garden

Some backyards flood during the rainy season. A landscape architect provides the perfect solution by constructing a rain garden. A rain garden also provides beneficial insects and birds a natural habitat as well as filter runoff rainwater from lawns and sidewalks. They work and look better than installing a French or storm drain.

Expanding your living space outside as well as increase the value of your home is by having it landscaped professionally. Eloquent Landscape architects in Sydney can help you beautify your property.


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