Unique Benefits of Turf for Your Exterior Decoration in Brisbane

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Unique Benefits of Turf for Your Exterior Decoration in Brisbane

When it comes to lighting up your exterior space in Brisbane City, then turf is the much-needed solution that you have been looking for. The lush green carpet comes with a lot of benefits, some of which will be discussed below. You will also understand the most common types of turf in Brisbane to know how to select the best for your needs.

Six reasons why turf is excellent for your exterior decorations

Year-round green:

Turf can thrive in all seasons without losing its aesthetics, unlike natural grass which can turn brown and quickly disintegrate during summer. Thus, as a resident of Brisbane, it is appropriate to invest in turf to maintain all-year-round green outdoor aesthetics for your home.

Very little maintenance needed:

Turf does not require regular watering or mowing as is in the case of natural grass. You can go for days without watering and it will still be ok. Additionally, you only need to lightly trim the turf once in a while since they do not get up quickly like natural grass.

Water conservation:

Turf is the right solution for water conservation, especially if you happen to dwell in an area where there is a shortage of water for home use, let alone irrigating your outdoor space. This is because turf requires very little water to stay alive and maintain its beautiful appearance.

Instant gratification:

Once installed in place, turf offers immediate gratification and instantly brings the much-needed beauty and aesthetics to a place without having to wait for weeks or months to see the results. It offers a quick solution to emergencies like hosting an event or visitors on short notice.


It is flexible and can be installed in any kind of outdoor space. For example, you can install it on a rooftop terrace, a sprawling lawn or even a small backyard. This is possible since it can take any shape depending on how you mould it.

Common types of turf in Brisbane

In Brisbane, there are many types of turf options that you can select from. Here are some of the most common ones:

Sir Walter Buffalo:

It is known for its lush appearance and smooth texture. It is a popular option for most homeowners in Brisbane. It is known for its drought-tolerant, shade-tolerant and resilient nature, making it suitable for most of outdoor spaces.

Empire Zoysia:

This is also one of the most common types of turf in Brisbane and it is known for its dense growth, vibrant colour and tolerance to heat and drought. With a Brisbane well-known subtropical climate, it is the most suitable solution that requires little maintenance and gives a much-desired outlook.

Wintergreen Couch:

This is a budget-friendly option in Brisbane and is easy to maintain. It can tolerate heavy foot traffic and is convenient for family gatherings and children play in the outdoor spaces. They are also known for their unique appearance with beautiful patterns that add their beauty.

Brisbane’s leading turf solutions offer unique benefits to outdoor spaces including year-round greenery, very little maintenance needed, water conservation, instant gratification and versatility. There are so many kinds of turf and the three most commonly known and used in Brisbane include Sir Walter Buffalo, Empire Zoysia, and Wintergreen Couch. Each of these offers its uniqueness and benefits that can be applicable in different conditions.

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