Things to consider while choosing types of materials for stone wall cladding

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Things to consider while choosing types of materials for stone wall cladding

Stones in the early days are applied for wall making in the form of cubes. However, nowadays, with advanced technology and tools, stones are further processed. Quarrying, polishing, cutting, coating, are some ways stones are processed.

Stone wall cladding entails protecting the interior and exterior parts of a wall with natural stones. Some of the notable materials used for wall cladding includes tiles, slabs, and stone veneers.

In this article, we will discuss how to select stone wall cladding and things to consider while choosing a stone wall cladding type.

Understand the formation of natural stone wall cladding

There is a natural beauty accrued to stones that evolve and reflect the natural processes it undergoes during formation. Natural colour fades, impressions of fossils, patterns, grains, veins, styles, and shades of colours make them unique.

Some natural stones are cool, warm, and attractive. These are some attributes to look out for in stones for wall cladding.

Select stone wall cladding that will enhance the value of your property

Stones are capable of either enhancing your property’s beauty or make it look rustic. A beautiful looking natural stone can also improve the durability and strength of your wall exterior, thereby increasing its overall value. Stones also can make properties look classic or modern, and you need to decide your preference. Look into stone wall cladding to enhance the value of your property.

Improve facade appearance with stone wall cladding

When you apply natural stone veneer to your entire exterior and especially façade, it highlights your property’s beauty and improves the overall curb appeal. You can be creative with your stone patterns and types to give your building a beautiful aesthetic look.

Decorate backyard patio with stone wall cladding

Your backyard patio can look beautiful with veneer stones for wall cladding. Low garden walls covered with stacked stones give a beautiful appearance which improves the sensations and comfort when rightly applied.

Gives your property a versatile look

Natural stones, unlike most construction materials, have a significant versatility to suit various spaces. Natural stones could fit into the exterior, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, patio, or living room.

Stone wall cladding protects property from extreme weather

Stones contain lots of minerals such as silicates and calcites, which helps to insulate buildings against extreme weather conditions. Natural stones resist extreme temperature, which makes them favourite for hot temperature regions.

It is easy to maintain stone wall cladding

Natural stones are quite easy to maintain; it possesses durability and longevity properties. Stones hardly break unlike other materials, and it rarely allows permanent stains. You can easily wash stains and dirt on stone wall cladding with water.

Several styling and finishing choices

A unique personality touch is associated with natural stones wall cladding when meticulously planned and installed. For example, stone wall cladding 3D effects displayed at the entrance. A living room clad with slate stone in a vertical linear style. An irregularly shaped stone-clad designed in a classical theme around the study corner. A customized stone wall clad pattern designed for the TV area.

The importance accrued to stone wall cladding is numerous as it has lots of benefits and uses for various architectural designs. Your knowledge and preference will determine the style of wall cladding to use. Ensure you put all the information discussed above into consideration before making your stone wall cladding choice.

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