Garden bed edging: Why you should consider lawn edging

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Garden bed edging: Why you should consider lawn edging

The best landscapes are the ones which have various areas that have a different purpose. For example a covered area, a vegetable garden or a flower border. Landscape edging not only helps accentuate all of these places but also provides a unifying element to your garden. Edging is one of the most practical methods of creating defined and clear lines in your garden. It also helps hold the mulch in place and prevents people from trampling on your prized flowers or vegetables.

Edging not only serves an aesthetic purpose but it has a functional purpose as well. There are many options for homeowners. They can use a simple trench for paving stones or they may go for decorative wooden edges.

However there are several things which you should consider when you decide to go for lawn edging.

Why consider garden bed edging?

Edging creates a clear boundary between the beds and the other areas in the garden. Landscape edging can help define a flower border, a single tree or a shrub garden. It can also help define the separation of a patio from the surrounding area. It emphasizes the lines of the flower beds and therefore makes it the main focus of the garden.

It also prevents that trough from creeping into the surrounding areas. It prevents the soil or the mulch in the garden beds from spilling on to the lawn. Usually when it is raining or when you are watering the garden the mud can slide onto the grass and give it an untidy look.

Some people choose to go for taller landscape edging while others might even use short edges or fences. Not only do these help provide a defined path but can also keep visitors out of the areas where you don’t want them to go.

However, it should be kept in mind that edging should be firm. If it is not placed firmly it might loosen and you would have to repeat the edging process.

Here are some types of garden bed edging that could give your garden a different look and feel:

  • A divider can be placed between the lawn and the garden bed. It can be a simple trench or a v shaped ditch.
  • Bricks or flat stones are wide materials. These help create a firm base which is suitable for the wheels of a lawn mower.
  • If your aim is to keep the much in its place you might need to use a material which is at least 2 inches above and 4 inches below the ground.
  • If you are simply considering something aesthetic, you can choose from a variety of landscaping materials. You can choose to add new material to the garden scheme and make it look more aesthetic.

However, it should be kept in mind that the cost of each type of material and quality can be different. Using stones or boulders is completely free. On the other hand if you choose wood, aluminum or any other material to be used as an edge you might need to pay accordingly. Do consider all of these points when selecting a garden bed edging for your lawn.

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