Exterior Painting Melbourne

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Exterior Painting Melbourne

The exterior of a building is the first impression someone gets when they enter your compound. It displays a statement of your personality so carefully choosing the colours and types of paint matters if your exterior décor is to stand the test. The quality of workmanship also counts because it takes fundamental painting experience for the task to be done in a perfect and timely manner.

Quality paint

When it comes to painting your exterior, the quality of the paint counts because the surfaces will be exposed to weather elements from the time of application throughout its lifetime. Getting it right from the quality means you have got it all. Quality comes with benefits that benefit both the painters and the project owners. It is better to ask the project owner to spent a little extra for quality because it will pay off in the long run. High-quality paints have properties that help apply easily to the surfaces, making them look better and the durability.


Two types of pigments go inside the paint containers. A prime pigment which provides the colour and hides is the first thing that goes into the can and the second one is the less costly extender pigment. Its purpose is to add bulkiness and nothing in terms of colour, so a little value is added with this in terms of colour.

Quality colours possess most of the prime pigments, which make paint easy to apply, durable and colour retention capabilities.


Today’s paints contain a variety of binders; latex, for example, has a hundred per cent vinyl or styrene-acrylic binders. For oil paints, they contain linseed, soya or alkyds oil. The types of binders affect the resistance to the stain, gloss and crack resistance. Using high-quality binders allow the paint to adhere to the surfaces for better film protection for long-lasting performance. Such qualities prevent peeling, blistering and cracking.


There is no technical substance that the liquid adds to the paint, but it acts as a vehicle from which the pigments and important substances travels from the can onto the surfaces being applied. High-quality paints have greater ratios of pigments, liquid and binders.


These are the ingredients that give some specific extra benefits to the paints. Some of the common additives include rheology modifiers for better hide, flow and levelling. Another important additive is mildewcides to check mildew effects on the coatings. Dispersing agents distribute agents evenly in the paint while preservatives prevent spoilage of the paint hence extends the shelf life of the paint.

Before embarking on the way to procure your paints remember that low-quality paints will require more coating and are less durable or likely to need maintenance sooner as compared to high-quality paints. This applies to exterior paints and fairly applies to interior paints. For your thought, you should look beyond the price tags on the stores and compare their cost in terms of year of service. Quality counts a lot when it comes to selecting the appropriate paints. Whether your painting project is exterior or interior or whether you are after the adhesion or durability, hiding properties and more, quality paints will give you the real value for your money. Paint selection is not as simple as visiting the paint stores as many people think, it needs some in-depth research if your painting project is to be a success story. For professional advice on painting your house, turn to Amazing Painting.

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