Aitken Landscapes puts art into work. The passion of the team keeps on burning with its innovative ideas that make our customers happy and asking for more.

The company was established in 2006, headed by James Griffin. It started small, servicing a neighborhood in Greensboro, GA. When the team got loads of projects on its second year, it has decided to expand its services through its partners in the same industry.

It was that same year when the company also invested on modern machineries and system that made it certified member of various commercial local groups. The original objective of the company was to provide free surveys and estimation along with personal involvement in asking what the customer really wants to achieve – all free and no obligation. This has made Aitken a difference in the field during those times. And as the company was very keen in protecting its credibility in the business, quality services are its key in winning the competition.


There is no room for mistakes, and if mistakes so happen unintentionally, the company would almost always shoulder the rectification expenses. This is how the company has been known in the business. This is also how the company gets its number of referrals project after project.


As of today, the company has expanded its services to hardscaping, waterfeature installation & design, driveways, walkways & patios, playground areas, landscape lighting, storm water management, outdoor lighting, renovations, and even irrigation & drainage system.

Aitken Landscapes has come a long way and this company is here to stay for even more decades to come.

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